Beverly Hills, California Restaurant Acquisition and Sales Attorney

Attorney Gail V. Philips is committed to assisting individuals throughout southern California with varied business transactions and disputes related to owning, operating, buying and selling a restaurant, including fast food chain restaurants, franchises, casual dining restaurants, etc. We have represented clients in southern California for more than 31 years.

Gail V. Philips works to obtaining advantageous resolutions for your challenging legal matters. While mediation and arbitration can often yield positive results, we are prepared to skillfully litigate your case when necessary.

Studio City attorney who understands your restaurant business needs 
With more than 31 years of experience handling all types of complex transactional and contractual business issues, attorney Gail V. Philips is equipped to assist you.We have handled a wide range of business matters for independent and franchised restaurants, including:

  • Buy/sell acquisitions and mergers
  • Vendor/Vendee agreements
  • Franchise agreement/UFOC, disclosure, non-disclosure agreements
  • Lease negotiations – restaurant lease, commercial lease, rental lease
  • Lease issues and disputes with landlords
  • Site location
  • Liquor license
  • Entertainment issues and licensing
  • Partnership disputes
  • New business start-up – corporation and limited liability company (LLC) issues
  • Partner/shareholder buyout issues – asset purchase and asset sale agreements

We understand the value of the location of a restaurant, and we work with you to ensure that a favorable and proper lease agreement has been established and finalized.

Additionally, we assist you in negotiating the sale, purchase or acquisition of a restaurant, as well as with bulk sales, escrow involving the purchase, and all other associated documentation and contracts.

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